In addition to famous Hue specialties such as mussel rice, Hue beef noodle soup, and banh beo, you also have a list of must-try delicious dishes when coming to the ancient capital.
1. Mussel rice / Mussel vermicelli A bowl of “Hue” rice must be left to cool overnight, so that the crispiness of the vegetables and the aroma of the spices can be preserved. True to the “spicy eaters” personality of the Hue people, this Hue specialty must be full of flavor, salty and especially spicy. When you come to Hue, if you don’t advise carefully, your bowl of mussel rice will surely burn your tongue. Not everyone can enjoy standard Hue specialty mussel rice due to their pungent taste. @wiktorkomorniczak Nowadays, you can easily eat mussel rice, mussel vermicelli in every province, but if you have ever tried mussel rice in Hue, you will have to exclaim that “This is the right mussel rice!”. Maybe it’s because of the spicy, rich flavor that this Hue specialty rice mussel makes others remember forever. Dap Da mussel rice – 1 Han Mac Tu, Vy Da. Little sister shop in the alley of Pham Hong Thai – Truong Dinh intersection. The shop is at 2 Truong Dinh. Porridge – Vermicelli – Mussel Rice – 98 Nguyen Hue.

2. Hue beef noodle soup Unlike the Southern people, where the Hue beef noodle bowl has a pleasant sweetness from the bones, the Hue people use the carcass to extract the flavor for the bowl of vermicelli. Therefore, the traditional bowl of Bun Bo Hue wants to be more flavorful and richer. Another difference between vermicelli in Hue and in other regions is the noodles. With this dish, Hue people especially use microfiber rice vermicelli, also known as fresh vermicelli, the kind of vermicelli that you usually eat when you have salad rolls, or vermicelli, vermicelli. The original Hue Bun Bun fibers are much smaller than the ones that Southern people often eat. @Internet Hue people usually only eat beef noodle soup in the morning. @eat.travel.with.diep If you want to enjoy this Hue specialty, you have to be quick because Hue beef noodle soup is only sold in the morning. Every morning, just a bowl of beef vermicelli full of beef, pork rolls, Hue rolls, shrimp rolls is enough energy for a working day. Perhaps one of the favorite customs of the people of the Ancient Capital is to slowly enjoy a bowl of beef noodle soup, sip a cup of tea and share stories with each other. Hue beef noodle soup – 14 Ly Thuong Kiet Bun Ba Tuyet–37 Nguyen Cong Tru Bun Ba Tam–43 Nguyen Cong Tru Bun Ba My – 71 Nguyen Cong Tru

3. Hue tea It is no exaggeration to call Hue the capital of teas and alley tea is one of the characteristics of Hue. Every few steps, you will come across a shop or a street vendor in the alley. Therefore, tea becomes an indispensable Hue specialty in your list of must-try dishes. Colorful tea pots. @chutrieulong Alley Tea – No. 1 Kiet 29 Hung Vuong. @linhgumiho Delicious and strange tea dishes that are sold year-round throughout the month can be mentioned as roasted pork powdered tea, taro banana tea, bean curd tea, corn tea, lotus seed tea… On hot days, you can try a bowl of tea. With ice, the coolness is incomparable. Each type of tea has its own special flavor, so if you have time, you must definitely try them all. Alley Tea – 17 Hung Vuong. Tea Sao – 60 Phan Chu Trinh.

4. Hue spring rolls People often say that spring rolls are one of the great things about Hue cuisine. The dish is prepared in a rustic and simple way, but thanks to the rich and rich taste of Hue people, this Hue specialty has a fragrance that can make diners flutter. Nem lui is one of Hue’s “thick” dishes. @bachuaviahe Hue spring rolls are often eaten with raw vegetables, pineapple, star fruit, bean sprouts, and chili like the meat rolls of the South. The difference in this dish is a special dipping sauce called “soup”. Make sure you eat once and you will be “craving” until the day you return when you try Hue spring rolls at the following addresses: Grilled Beef Noodles & Nem Lui Ba Ty – 81 Dao Duy Tu. Tai Phu–2 Dien Bien Phu, Ward Vinh Ninh.

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